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We are two beautiful career women starting a movement to empower women to be confident with themselves and live a healthy life. We have always trained and worked hard on being healthy for many years. We looked past the height and weight that we both are and pushed each other to be a better version of ourselves.

During training days we would come up with catchy phrases that were quite motivating. Like "get yo a** to the grass." As time went on we realized if these slogans motivated us, just imagine how many other people will be encouraged also. 

 Why the name Sexy & Fit? Sexy is who we are as women we all sexy no matter what size shape or form. Fit is what we aim to be. Healthy is the reason we train or change our eating habits. The totality of these aspects equals this Sexy & Fit movement.

We are excited to present our brand to the world. Our goal is the create gym apparel with customized eye-catching slogans, in an effort to encourage people to enjoy their workouts. Working out should be fun and motivating, and so should your gym apparel! So why not wear what motivates you, it can also motivate others. 

Confidence in yourself is sexy and being healthy is fit!! BE SEXY, BE FIT.

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